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Angelo from Italy won €1,464 playing live roulette
Rick from The Netherlands won €2,130 playing live baccarat

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"I started playing online casino games in 2001. A friend told me about Black Orchid Casino a week ago and I can’t believe how much better the live casino experience is compared to the computer generated casino games I am accustomed to. Black Orchid Casino’s live dealers bring a new level of life to online casino games. Overall, your technology is impressive. I’m happy to see that someone is trying to give players a new, more entertaining online experience. The live touch is definitely better than the other alternatives out there."
Ronald G - United Kingdom
"I came across Black Orchid Casino recently I must say I love the roulette experience. Your croupiers are personal and professional. They engaged me as if I was standing right next to them."
Julie M - Ireland
"I just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know that I've enjoyed my first few playing sessions.
I am a very particular Baccarat player and have never been attracted to playing online. I’ve tried other live casinos before and all the ones I’ve played at use oversized cards that look silly. You would never see oversized cards in a real casino and I’ve always questioned how well a dealer can shuffle giant sized cards. You are the first online live casino that I’ve seen that uses real casino cards and a real card shoe.
The dealers talk the game and they each contribute their own unique touch to the game. The camera quality is excellent and viewing the cards couldn’t be easier."
Kenneth C - France
"I would like to make a comment about your customer service and withdrawal system. I have played at online casinos for years and have experience some good service and A LOT of bad/slow service. I just want to let you know that the speedy responses I received from your Customer Service Rep named Andrea was fantastic. She was professional, friendly and saw that I got paid out quickly. So please, someone please give her a pat on the back."
Robert Y. - Italy